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"…" Kicks into the leaf pile.


so apparently, cryptowall is still a thing.



I recently saved up and bought myself a new tablet so I’ve decided to give one of my old ones away along with some of the PROMARKER markers I’ve accumulated! 
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Shiina’s eyes darted around, also looking for somewhere to sit. Shiina did in fact think a quiet table was preferable, and looked around for such a place.


"…Wherever you prefer. Although that table over there does look nice." While speaking, Shiina pointed her head over to a table slightly secluded table, around two or three tables away from the nearest human life forms.

     After glancing at the table Shiina was indicating, she nodded with approval. "Perfect. Now all we have to do is wait for our food."

     As if on cue, Masami heard their orders being called. "Ah, well that was convenient timing. I’ll go grab our lunches." She proceeded to do so, and she returned shortly after. "Well, should we go sit?"


"Yes…" Shiina paused, unsure of what exactly to say. She liked Masami a lot, wondering why she hadn’t hung out with her before.

"Ah, okay." Shiina was about to offer the same thing, but it seemed like the other had beat her to it. "Yes, that would be nice. Thank you, Masami." Shiina tentatively says her name, hoping it’s alright. The other starts walking toward the table, showing no indication that it bothered her, so Shiina follows.




"Ah, how cute. She doesn’t know." A mutter, almost to herself. Nobody knew, of course, when they came in.

"This is not a place you simply ‘pass through’. So how’d it happen?" she questioned, referring to her death. Of course, the redhead would probably run, fight, scream, or freak out. Or a new reaction. It was funny, how many people refused to believe.


"How’d what happen?” How was she even supposed to answer a question that vague? It didn’t help that something about this whole thing just felt very off, and the woman’s demeanor only compounded that.

"And what do you mean I can’t pass through?" she continued, missing the point entirely. For all Elesis was aware, this was just an odd woman being obnoxiously vague and mysterious, as strangers on the road tended to be. That she’d died hadn’t quite registered with her just yet. In fact, she seemed completely oblivious to it. "Is the road blocked or somethin’?"

"How’d you die?" The girl probably didn’t know. But now Shiina can anticipate a reaction, but of course the eagerness doesn’t register on her face. "Oh yeah, this is the Afterlife, so you can’t die again."


"See," she starts, slipping a few blades between her fingers, "if I decided to throw these at you, and one landed in what would be a fatal spot if you were alive, you’d die and then come back later." What a bad description, but having experienced it only once she wouldn’t know. "Hey, what were you when you were alive?" Shiina wonders if the redhead has her memories already. But she notices a grand sword beside her, so she’s intrigued.

"And no, the road is fine. This is a school."


there’s been a lot of good jokes made about harry potter the series and harry potter the character in specific but the classic i keep returning to is this 32 second bit



when you and a friend join a fandom together


This is 100% accurate



plots i want to do ;;
  • there’s a girl who wears long dresses and big boots that climbs trees for fun; loving the feeling of the sun against her skin. There’s a boy who passes the tree every day who’s afraid of heights. one day she convinces him to love the tree’s & the emerald green leaves and they whisper secrets to each other, he recites poetry and she makes jokes.
  • there’s a boy and he’s all alone in the big house of his. his parents are rarely ever home & he spends most of his time wanting to just talk to someone his own age. There’s a girl and she’s running away from home and she stumbles upon the boy with ink stains on his fingers living in the hollow home.  
  • there’s a girl who lives in her own imagination, disliking the cruel harsh reality. one day she thinks up a boy —- a boy who turns out to be her only friend. She doesn’t think it weird that only she can see him; that only she can talk to him & as she gets older she gets more and more exposed to reality until she forgets about him. He comes back yeas later, to save her from a broken marriage — wanting nothing but a smile upon her face.
  • there’s a boy and he’s got bruises on his fingers because he takes his anger of the world out on other people ; there’s a girl and she’s practicing to be a nurse & he comes to her & she helps him, not ever saying anything.
  • there’s a girl who can talk to ghosts. she likes this; feeling the age and wisdom slowly come off them & one day she meets a boy — he’s dead but he thinks he’s alive. living in his small patch of reality & dreaming of what once was. She doesn’t know how to break it to him and so does everything she can to make his small heart b e a t again.
  • there’s a boy and he hides his secrets in a journal his thoughts all kept in a small leather notebook. there’s a girl and she’s exploding with all of her thoughts that she can’t contain in her head anymore & keeps them all in a small leather notebook. one day they swap by accident and catastrophe occurs.




Perfect. I want this.

you cant tell what the fucking keys are

you can if you’re a true pokemon master



  • elesxs


Another stranger. This one…this one had a nice aura. But of course Shiina couldn’t let that show. Little emotion showed on her face regardless of the situation, so this wasn’t too hard.

"…What are you doing here?" Real smooth, Shiina, real smooth.


Elesis had to bite back the initial snappish reply she wanted to say, cocking an eyebrow at the stoic young woman. She almost reminded her a bit of Eve, honestly. Even sounded like her, too; so direct and to the point.

"I’m just passin’ through. Is that a problem?"

"Ah, how cute. She doesn’t know." A mutter, almost to herself. Nobody knew, of course, when they came in.

"This is not a place you simply ‘pass through’. So how’d it happen?" she questioned, referring to her death. Of course, the redhead would probably run, fight, scream, or freak out. Or a new reaction. It was funny, how many people refused to believe.